Saturday, March 24, 2007

Who'd a thunk it?

I put my left over (still glowing) charcoal on this old pine stump in my backyard.

I come back an hour later and it looks like the eternal flame.

That's cause that old pine stump is half rotten and half fat lighter.


Uncivil said...

Hmmm....kind of looks like a face in the flames of that last pic?

Ms. Mamma said...

Jimmy that looks like a mini volcano. The whole backyard has a weird a big mound of something. Did you bury something back here?!

Uncivil said...

Doughboy / Axe murderer? The plot thickens. No I don't have anyone buried back there. I should start a post on this place I call home.
I have a huge drainage ditch down two sides of my property and the dirt that came out of it is piled on my side. It was dug over 30 or 40 years ago, and trees had grown on top of it. I cut them all down after hurricane Charlie droped a huge one through the middle of my trailer. I'll get a huge portion of that mound leveled off and reclaim some of my useable property one day.

Ms. Mamma said...

You should put a retaining wall around that mound with a steps to a patio on top!

Uncivil said...

My lot is only .38 of an acre, so I want to reclaim as much land as I can. However, part of the mound is on the counties 50 foot right of way (for future steet). I had thought about putting a retaining wall against what's left of the mound on their property. Great minds think alike?....nah I wouldn't put that on ya!LOL

julie said...

OMG! Pine stump! AKA - "lighter knot"! I bet that thing was flaming to beat all hell - lmao! I had an experience with an old pine log like that. I didn't know it was a "special" kind of log and that I didn't need to throw the whole log on the fire (we were in the woods - camping). I had no IDEA it was what was called "lighterknot" (use teeny pieces JUST for kinnlin) and that I was getting ready to throw ALL the kinnlin in the fire at once-lmao. But I did, and in about 5 minutes the whole damn woods was lit up like someone had a spot light on us. I said "damn! what the hell was on that log that's making it burn so good". Someone walked up and said "who the HELL through this whole piece of lighterknot in the damn fire(looking at me) I said "uhhh... me?" It was one of the funniest times on our camping adventures. Whew - what a night that was - back in those David Allen Coe days hehehe.

Uncivil said...


That's funny and you guys call it lighterknot,where as I grew up calling it Fat Lighter?

I had a friend who was recently selling a 5 gallon bucket of it for $15.00 a pop. That's too much time invested for that little bit of money.

We used to find it everywhere when I was on the survey party and we were cutting line for a new roadway.

I was so hungry on a camping trip that I put a can of beans next to the fire to warm it up. Dumbass me forgot to open the can first.
It exploded and I had beans all over my tent.

I was almost as popular as you were with your lighterknot adventure!LOL