Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's a Redneck Thang! Beer, Mud, and Some David Allen Coe.

That's one of my buddies (Tony) and his Mud Racing Truck (Poor White Trash) above with some guy and his butt crack in the background~!LOL

He's pushing close to 600 horsepower in a Chevy 400 small block.

Tony lives for this shit!

I like my shit clean. This ain't my cup of tea! I don't know who's truck that was, but don't even ask me to clean that bitch. Sometimes Tony let's the mud dry on his truck. I like to stick empty beer cans to the mud on the side of the truck. I stuck some up under the fenderwells and they were still there when he got home.

OK.......I like my women Dirty! I could clean on that for a while! LOL

Damn......this makes Mud Racing almost bearable!
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat!


Ms. Mamma said...

Now that's some funny 'shit', Jimmy.

Uncivil said...

That dude sitting on the 5 gallon bucket with his butt crack just kills me.

Mud race entry fee $15.00
Case of Miller Lite and a dozen hotdogs $35.00
Getting your picture taken at the starting gate with your butt crack showing.....Priceless!