Sunday, March 05, 2006

You have got to check out the Robotics at Boston Dynamics!

Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in robotics and human simulation."

"Organizations worldwide, from the United States Army, Navy and Marines to Sony Corporation, turn to Boston Dynamics for advice and solutions to their robotics and human simulation needs."

I'm most impressed with "BigDog"

Then "RHex"

Then "RiSE"

and last but not least "LittleDog"

Be sure and watch the video clips!!!!!


Alicat said...

I gotta admit -- the big dog creeped me out! Especially when they kicked it and it didn't fall over. Cool but also sorta freaky! :o)

Uncivil said...

Hi Alicat

Yea....the Big Dog looked almost human when it recovered from that kick.

Alicat said...

Yeah exactly. A little odd. :o)