Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ever feel like this Cobra?

I got a disturbing email today with a link to the 9-11 coverups.This link is an hour and 20 minutes of footage… don’t start it thinking you’ll quit watching after a few minutes… I could not stop watching it.

I don’t know if it’s the truth. I would hate to think that any of it is the truth. It’s scary, but honestly, not unbelievable.

Like I said… you better have some time to concentrate if you click on it. It’s fast and furious with information.

1 hour 20 minute video clip

I also have these sites;

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

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I had to add this short summary from Scholars for 911 Truth

Here are some of the kinds of considerations that these experts and scholars find profoundly troubling:

In the history of structural engineering, steel-frame high-rise buildings have never been brought down due to fires either before or since 9/11, so how can fires have brought down three in one day? How is this possible?

The BBC has reported that at least five of the nineteen alleged "hijackers" have turned up alive and well living in Saudi Arabia, yet according to the FBI, they were among those killed in the attacks. How is this possible?

Since the melting point of steel is about 2,700°F, the temperature of jet fuel fires does not exceed 1,800°F under optimal conditions, and UL certified the steel used to 2,000°F for six hours, the buildings cannot have collapsed due to heat from the fires. How is this possible?

Flight 77, which allegedly hit the building, left the radar screen in the vicinity of the Ohio/Kentucky border, only to "reappear" in very close proximity to the Pentagon shortly before impact. How is this possible?

Foreign "terrorists" who were clever enough to coordinate hijacking four commercial airliners seemingly did not know that the least damage to the Pentagon would be done by hitting its west wing. How is this possible?

Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, in an underground bunker at the White House, watched Vice President Cheney castigate a young officer for asking, as the plane drew closer and closer to the Pentagon, "Do the orders still stand?" The order cannot have been to shoot it down, but must have been the opposite. How is this possible?

A former Inspector General for the Air Force has observed that Flight 93, which allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania, should have left debris scattered over an area less than the size of a city block; but it is scattered over an area of about eight square miles. How is this possible?

A tape recording of interviews with air traffic controllers on duty on 9/11 was deliberately crushed, cut into very small pieces, and distributed in assorted places to insure its total destruction. How is this possible?

The Pentagon conducted a training exercise called "MASCAL" simulating the crash of a Boeing 757 into the building on 24 October 2000, and yet Condoleezza Rice, among others, has repeatedly asserted that "no one ever imagined" a domestic airplane could be used as a weapon. How is this possible?

Their own physics research has established that only controlled demolitions are consistent with the near-gravity speed of fall and virtually symmetrical collapse of all three of the WTC buildings. While turning concrete into very fine dust, they fell straight-down into their own footprints.


J said...

I can't bear to look right now, but I'll come back to this. Maybe you could summarize the worst of it? The idea that anyone could have known ahead of time and ignored it for their own political purposes is not new to me, but is so horrid that I don't enjoy putting my head there.

Then again, look at the Congo, and what's happening there, and no one does anything. Not the same at all, but the horror of powerful nations not doing anything to help in horrid situations is too much sometimes. Sigh.

Uncivil said...

Hi J

Thanks for stopping by. I never wanted to even fathom it in my wildest dreams, but after looking at the facts, I don't understand how it took me four years to see it?
I added a short summary to the post for ya.

I'll be studying this stuff for awhile. I don't know what to say. I'm dumbfounded by it all. I owe a lot of people apologies if there is any truth to the conspiracy.

I'll edit this post as I find more info.

J said...

I came back to read it. I don't know if there's any truth to any of this, but it's an interesting read. :) Thanks.

Ms. Mamma said...

Since I don't have a high speed connection, I can't look see. However all of the information regarding 911 is fascinating. I am with the conspiracy theorists on this, but then again I'm a liberal from Wisconsin. Good post. And thanks for commenting on my blog today. It's nice to know I'm not being 'shunned'. Paws to the girls ;)

Uncivil said...

"not being shunned" Wait a minute I need to re-read my Ann Coulter dictionary. Just kidding.!!!!!

I can't find the pics of your pug on your blog? Help me out!