Monday, March 13, 2006

Rate My Puppy

Please click on the titles below and vote for my gals!!!!!!

You wanna piece of me?

Abigails Glamor Shot

Emily at 8 weeks

Military Mutts

Who Loves ya baby?

Spoonin with Ab & Em

Ab & Em in 99

I knew I shouldn't of ate that cat turd!

Osama Bin Edna

edna says hi

Hairless Tree Chihuahua


American Daughter said...

OK buddy, I visited every single one of those pictures and voted for you. It was tearing my heart out though. My little Boston terrier died last summer age 16, and just seeing a little face like his was tough.

I keep his little marble jar of ashes on my desk shelf, with his little green collar around it.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for the votes American Daughter! My condolences for your loss. I guess they were put here to make us realize how short life truly is. Abigail & Emily are in their 7th year, and I can only hope they make it to sweet 16.

American Daughter said...

I read about Edna this morning. So I'll tell you the rest of the story about my Boston, because it is so much the same.

Someone dumped an aged sick Boston on my front lawn in the middle of a December 2003 sleetstorm. He was so sick he couldn't stand up, his toenails grown so long they curled under his feet, his eyes infected, etc. I thought he was dying, and I don't like to see any creature pass alone. So I brought him into the house and held him in my arms.

He got better and spent the last eighteen months of his life with me, enjoying the company of my other two animals, also rescued, a Westie and a Siamese cat.

The little dog had a tag on with a name and an out-of-state phone number. So I called all the vets in that area code and found his records. That's how I know how old he was. Also found out his family didn't want him any more as they had had a new baby.

So I only had him for the last eighteen months of his life, but I loved him so much. He passed July 3, 2005 and it still hurts.

I'm glad to know there are other folk who care about orphaned wildlife. I have raised baby bunnies nursing them with an eyedropper full of milk to bottle feed!

Uncivil said... know how to bring a tear to an old farts eye! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure those 18 months were the best of his life.

Alicat said...

just wanted to stop and tell you how adorable your gals are. ;)

I saw their pic on the boston terrier photo blog that I redesigned and I loved that picture..It is cool to now accidentally run across your blog! :)

Uncivil said...

Hi Alicat

Thanks for stopping by. Good Job on the Boston Terrier Photo Blog.

Alicat said...

Thank you for your kind words! :) I will be back! :O)