Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010

Startin' of The New Year with man's best friend!

This is Katy ......or is it spelled Katie?....Anyway I've been wanting to post her pics for some time and just wanted to start the new year off with her. She belongs to my good friends Peggy & Eddie from Yamacraw NC.
Happy New Year Every Body!
Eddie, I'm ready to go to Shawn's and get some liver pudding!


jan said...

Could you get the name of Katie's, fur dye? It's gorgeous.

Looking forward to another great year with you all as our blogging buddies.

Uncivil said...

Ain't she purrty!!!!! She's sweet as sugar too!

Miss Piggy said...

That has to be a smart dog...she loves the sweet stuff.

J at said...

She is indeed gorgeous.


Jimmy! - Here's to a much improved New Year. Any dog-lover is a friend
indeed! (Check out our blog) - reb

Mrsupole said...

Katie is so cute and the way she is licking that sucker instead of just chomping on it truly makes her look like a "Lady". Somebody has taught her some great manners.

Looking forward to see what you come up with in this new year. I hope you post that 100 year old tombstone. That was amazing.

Happy New Year and God bless.

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
I'm ready for your New Year's post?

Peggy & Eddie thank you.

I've got to get by Snake Hunters soon. Thanks for dropping by!

I like the way you put that. She is rather lady like come to think of it?

bon bon said...

doubly sweet! moreso than liver pudding sounds anyway. ;o)

Uncivil said...

bon bon
I bet Kensi & Nigel like liver pudding?????LOL!!!!

Salinger The Pug said...

We're glad you found our blog! Mom got a big smile out of reading yours too!!!!

If your friend mentioned "multum in parvo" than she MUST have been talking about a PUG!

Happy Monday! (ugh!)


C said...

Ummm...liver pudding for you or for the doggies?? ;)

Happy New Year, my friend. Oh, and thanks for the well wishes for Chance. My poor doggy baby :(

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, she has two pugs Frank and Ginger.
Check her out at

Uncivil said...

Happy New year C
Yes, me and Katie's daddy had liver pudding just this morning!
Hope Chance is recovering well!