Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dana Fuchs Fan

WooooooHooooooo.....she sings the one below too!!!!!!

Damn, I love me some Fuchs!!!!!

Dana Fuchs Youtube search page

Dana Fuchs Wiki page

Across the Universe


Mrsupole said...

Dana can rock!!!

She somehow reminds me of Janis Joplin, well you know if JJ was not on drugs.

My favorite was Oh! Darling.

I am surprised I have never heard of her before. But then I am not a real music person anymore. It must be all the politics and news that I am always watching.

Oh and I am first! Ha got ya.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Second too.

Now if I could figure out how to download music into my MP3 player than I would download her songs. I am gonna have to work on this one. Even oldest granddaughter cannot figure it out. Although they sure can download things onto their iPods. Maybe someday I will have to join the Pod People.

God bless, again.

VE said...

I too got a Joplin vibe while listening...

Uncivil said...

My fav is "Don't Let Me Down"'t_Let_Me_Down_(The_Beatles_song)

C said...

Love, love, love!!

Uncivil said...

Thanks for stoppin' by C! Hugs to the little one! How's Chance doin'?