Friday, May 01, 2009


jan said...

Cool photo. Too bad he doesn't have opposible thumbs.

J at said...

Ack! What would happen if we sent the dogs to war and kept the humans home?

Jeanna said...

Damn German Shepherds, just as I always suspected.
You know I look for rattlers every year on my soon a Poodle Bitch forgets.

Uncivil said...

We think first thought was no trigger finger too!

The dogs would figure out who the alpha dog is, and the rest would be at his or her disposal and the war would be over eh?

Rattlesnake make Poodle Bitch go snake shit!

Jeanna said...

Is this where the expression "Dogs of War" comes from?

Jeanna said...

Ain't you sweet, PB! Y'all should see how sweet he is.

C said...

Jimbo! These pics are great. Imagine if the girls got mad at you and were actually armed with guns? Yikes.

Oh, and that poodle is SCARY!!!

BTW, I noticed the comment you left on Jeanna's blog about the Bear Claw chocolate I sent her. Is the temperature very high where you are now? I'll send you some chocolate...but hope it doesn't melt!!!

VE said...

That dog would totally take him out if given the chance!

Miss Piggy said...

I wonder if the man is blind & needs a seeing eye dog. lol

Uncivil said...

My PC has been a PB latley. Thanks gawd me got a laptop to get through hard times.

I would love a Bear Claw, but it's already hot as hades down here in the nasty, hot, humid ,dirty, south.
You would have to send it via refridgerated truck!!!LOL!!

Oh, my gosh...this will be your first Mother's day as an offical mommy!!!!Yay!!!!

I think he's checkin' some hot nasty poodle mamma.

Miss Piggy
I've got to head over to the blog and see what you've done. Happy Birthday my dear!

Shannon said...

Sheperds are so awesomely smart! I bet he'd have a dead on aim if he could trade places with his buddy!

Tracy said...

This pic is so cute and the doggie is so smart...thank you for sharing this...the other thing I would like to let you know that there's a person who knows pets' language and she can communicate with them, if you're curious about it, can check out: and one true funny story:

Uncivil said...
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Uncivil said...

Thanks Tracy
I had never heard of Mrs. Dolito before. She's like a Dr. Dolittle of the canine mind.