Monday, August 04, 2008

She loves me...she loves me not!!!!!!

I found the wrapping paper quite interesting?

We'll continue in the comment section baby!


Uncivil said...

Jeanna My Dear

Thank you so much for the gift?
But, I was hoping for "449 Stupid Things Democrats Have Said"!

I should have know something was up when I went to my post office box and opened it this afternoon?

I opened the door to my mail slot and this little package was in there and it was near bout the same dimensions as my mail box.
You see....the mail clerk was able to put the package in from behind (that sounds kinky), but I wasn't able to pull it out the front (that sounds even kinkier).
Anyway the lip on the mail door prevented me from getting my package out. I even got out my pocket knife and tried to wedge it out.
And, I was lookin' all around like I was on "Candid Camera" or something?

So I went to the front desk and asked them to retrieve my package for me. The mail lady laughed when I told her I couldn't get my package out the front, and said she has told the other clerk about those tight fits several times.
I said "Yeah I have trouble with my package and tight fits all the time!" LOL!!!

Then I fianlly get around to opening my little prize all the way from Madison Wisconsin

WooooooHooooo~! Thanks for the laughs Jeanna!
I'll put the "Hildabeast" air freshener in the mens room at work to clear the air while I'm giving birth to a democratic convention!!!

My favorite quote in the book was from the "Old Gipper" Ronald Reagan!

"Rebublicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15th."

I enjoyed reading the wrapping paper too! "The Onion"....I found some kinky readin' in those pages? You write for them?

Now about that one ounce flask.....can I put in an order for eleven more? I'd need at least a dozen to get started if I was gonna do some serious drinkin'!'re the best....I'll have to think up something devious to mail back at cha!

jan said...

Hehehe you actually said that you "have trouble with my package and tight fits all the time!" to the mail lady and she let you live?

Jeanna said...

Yeah, that whole package thing is pretty funny.
I thought you'd like the article about the phantom diner that only appears to the most wasted drunks.
I wish I wrote for the Onion, I did apply there once with a story I wrote about a church lady who had...maybe I better finish that in an email. And it was based on a true story.
Anyway, it was one of the nicest rejection letters I ever got.They seemed to take it harder than I did. I called the guy who wrote it to tell him that everything was going to be okay.

Jeanna said...

Oh, kinky...Savage Love was on one of the pages?

Uncivil said...

I'm in tight with the mail ladies there. I helped them rescue some baby squirrels that fell out of a tree behind the post office several years ago.

There were several pages missing from "The Onion". I read part of the "Savage Love" and yes it was kinky and funny......right up your alley!!!!! I liked "The New Linens-N-Shit" too!
I can't believe they rejected you?
You must try again....don't give up.....don't ever give up!!!!!

Glamourpuss said...

I can't believe Republicans only said 185 stupid things...

That must just be Dubya on a good day, right?


Jeanna said...

Ha,ha,ha, Glamourpuss. You go girl.
Nah, Jimbo, they moved to NYC so NYC ya. And I think after my third childhood it would have been too hard to write for them. Just not quite a right fit.
I actually can't stand Savage Love, but love the front page and news headlines on the inside page.
Some of my favorites are: Mother Teresa Goes Straght To Hell and Rest Of Country Temporarily Feels Deep Affection For New York.

Uncivil said...

If you think Dubya is stupid.......wait till Obammer get's in ain't seen nuttin' yet!!!!!

Your the Ying to my Yang!!!!!

Jeanna said...

Speaking of your Yang, I put a little something in my sidebar for your Brokeback lovin' arse.

Uncivil said...

Oh gnaw! I coulda gone all day without readin' about Ken and Allan's man baggage!
As bad as I hate the "Hillorybeast".....I'd get freaky w/her before I'd try any man candy!

J at said...

I love the onion, so totally funny. But I kinda wanted to work for the Weekly World favorite headline of theirs? "Saddam's WMDs found in Montana...Velocorapters!" LOVED THAT. Can you imagine how much you'd have to drink to write there? Totally fun. Also, they outed Hillary for having a love child with aliens. And I do believe the plural is correct on that one. ;)

Jeanna said...

I'm gonna hold you to that. The Onion headlines are the best.
I thought something was up with Ken and Allan.

C said...

LOL! You know what, Jimbo??? As soon as I saw the photo of the gifts you received, I IMMEDIATELY knew it was from Jeanna!!! LOL!

Oh, and the copy of The Onion gave it away too! ;) Gotta love The Onion!!

Y'see, Jeanna! I feel like I've know you and Jimbo forever. 185 Stupid Things Republicans Have Said and a Hillary Clinto "I'm Your Man"...I KNEW it was from you! ;)

C said...


Uncivil said...

I hung my Hillary air freshener in our office bathroom right next to our "Monthly Doos 2008 Dog Poop Calendar"!!!! that!
She looks right at home next to a picture of a dog turd!

Jeanna said...

Good one, Jimmy. I put a P.S. on today's post for you.
Hey C., good eye. I was debating whether or not to send the Grow Jesus (grows up to 100 times the size it is now), but am giving it to my Catholic school nephew for college.
Velocorapters! Ha.

Jeanna said...

Whaddya mean who is Bucky Badger? What the hell is a tar heel anyway?

Uncivil said...

Fvck Bucky!

Jeanna said...

It's "Fvck 'em, Bucky."

Uncivil said...

Oh yeah.....Buck 'em Fvcky!

VE said...

The mean those stories are made up? But I saw Al launch that kid...