Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight!


Jeanna said...

Are you sure they didn't have a little something extra in their kibbles and bits? What are those, boxer mixes.

jan said...

Now you've made me want another puppy. How sweet they are at this age.

Jeanna said...

I've been singing snippets (cuz that's all I know) of Good Night Sweetheart all day and until now forgot why.
Where do you find these things. Do they know what you're really up to at work?
And yeah, they're pretty damn cute, but I bet the place smells like pee.

Uncivil said...

Wiki says

""Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite"

was written by Calvin Carter and James "Pookie" Hudson in 1953.

It was originally recorded by the rhythm and blues group, The Spaniels, in 1954. The best-selling version of the song was recorded by The McGuire Sisters in 1954. The song became well known again in the late 1970s as the closing song performed by Sha Na Na on their weekly variety show as well as its appearance in American Graffiti and again in the late 1980s after its use in the major hit film Three Men and a Baby. This song is completely different than the 1930's song sung by Rudy Vallee, among others. This song has the sub-title "it's time to go" with the now famous doo-wop bass line intro.


Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it's time to go,
Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it's time to go,
I hate to leave you, but I really must say,
Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.


Well, it's three o'clock in the morning,,
Baby, I just can't treat you right,
Well, I hate to leave you, baby,
Don't mean maybe, because I love you so.


Now, my mother and my father,
Might hear if I stay here too long,
One kiss and we'll part,
And you'd be going,
Although I hate to see you go."

BTW.....I think they are Boxer pups! And someone sent me the clip in an email!

C said...

Oh my gosh! That has got to be one of the cutest videos ever! Awwww...Now I want another puppy! Hubby won't let me get one though. He says I have too many animals already. Boooooooo!

Jeanna said...

I may not be quite old enough to have seen Rudy Vallee in person, but I have seen Sha Na Na. I think though I remember the McGuire Sisters singing it the most.

Shannon said...

Aawwwwww~ melt your heart... You have the magic touch, it seems!

C said...

Happy 4th, Jimbo! Awwwww...and you've got a gf to watch the fireworks with :) Have a great weekend! XO

J at said...

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

Maya has a game for her Nintendo DS with puppies, and if you want them to go to sleep, you play them a little record of music, and they conk out, like these little guys. Now I wonder who got the idea from whom?

Uncivil said...

That's not me in the video! He has the magic touch who ever he is?

Thanks shug. Happy 4th to you and John and the baby!

I've tried singin' Ab & Em to sleep and it doesn't work for me:(


I can't find where to pick my cheerleaders on your Fantasy Football league?

Jeanna said...

Guess I'll have to create some virtual floozies for you.

Feathers said...

OMG...I have a new dog but NOW I want a puppy...arghhhhhhh! Too SWEET!

Jeanna said...

After watching the last episode of Imaginary Bitches I don't think I'll be doing that.

wendy presseisen, said...

om goodness that is the SWEETEST THING! i thought that was you but was wondering where the heck did you get all those puppies and never told anyone?????
anyway they are SO so cute...and that man has a gift - the dog singer - hehehe

i think poppy petunia needs a new playmate now...

Uncivil said...

I thought you made the "Imaginary Bitches" thing up, until I Googled it and YouTubed it? That sounds kinky? I Googled an "Imaginary Bitch"? Guess I need to Google "Virtual Floozies" next?

Afternoon my lady!


I wish I was that talented. I'd probably have more luck putting my date to sleep!!!LOL!!!!

Jeanna said...

Nah, it stars Bianca from All My Children. And her ex-dead lover's twin sister (also her ex-lover).

Rowing and Sowing said...

OMG omg omg omG! That was SO cute! And .... aren't those Boxer puppies??? BOXERS!! Oh no - oh my gosh. I just watched it again. I think I probably need to stay off all dirt roads after watching that. Yes, yes I do. That's it.

I cannot watch it again.

Happy FOURTH!! :):

Uncivil said...

Don't go thinkin' I know sumthin' bout soap operas just cause I don't watch football.
I don't watch that crap either. Who the hell is Bianca? Good name for a virtual floozie!

In fact.....I'm callin' "Time Warner" to cancel my expanded TV part of the package, and just go with the $46.95 Roadrunner package and $8.10 basic channels.
That will save me $46.85 a month and I could sure use it in the gas tank!!!!!

Yay!!!!!I'm so glad you stopped by....and an email too!!!!!! Ya made my day to the second power girlfriend!

VE said...

Oh sure, try to win us over by showing us puppy videos....

Zoe said...

JIMMY!!! Hey now!..That was an adorable video! Im just getting around to visiting, since my vacation. How are ya?

Feathers said...

Have you became so busy that we don't hear from you anymore??? We miss you! BUT we are glad your happy and having FUN!!..:)

Jeanna said...

Jimmy can't be with us because he's campaigning for Obama.

Uncivil said...

VE, Zoe, Feathers
Howdy?!!!!!I'm hangin in there!!!Hopefully will get by to visit soon.


I hope your legs grow together!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Obama don't know shit from apple butter!

C said...


LOL ;)

Hope you're enjoying your summer. Have a great weekend. At least even though you hardly post anything on your blog now, you still send me funny e-mails. I'm satisfied with that. ;)

Feathers said...

I just spit beer on the computer when I read *Obama don't know shit from apple butter!!* I love it!
Hugs to you!

Jeanna said...

You have GOT to post soon, son.

Uncivil said...


Careful! Don't go wastin' good beer over Obama!


It's like I've fallen'and I can't get up? I don't know where my motivation went?

It's probably got somethin' to do w/this hot, sticky, nasty, weather we're havin'?

OK.....I'm takin' the camera over to the GF's house tonight. She want's me to get a photo of her pooch drinkin' out of her milk glass!

If this heat wave doesn't get over soon.........somebody shoot me!!!!

Ms. Mamma said...

That's like when the chidler was little. Very, very sweet. xo