Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ab & Em's new boyfriends!!!!

Sonny & & Sonny

Sonny is a Yorkie / Pomeranian mix

Sammy is a Wire Haired Dachshund


jan said...

Oooooh, lots of testosterone here.

J at said...

The girls go for the funny looking ones, huh? I've read that the funny looking ones try harder, so it's a good idea. Smart girls. ;)

Uncivil said...

They do have some bottled up energy!


Ya know....Abigail is kinda funny lookin herself!!! I'm not sure who's pal is who's?
I thought Sammy had the hots for Abigail & Sonny had the hot's for Emily, but they are into swappin' & swingin' as of now!

Zoe said...

tee hee i love these guys!...swapping and swinging??? OMG on blogspot? I love it. Take pics, I love to watch!...kidding Im just kidding! sorta!

Feathers said...

Absolutely precious...hahaha
Wirehaired Dachshund?? I never heard of that. Watch out cause Susie saw his picture and she wants to come visit and she has this prissy little walk..LOL!!!
Sonny and Sammy, I love it!

Jeanna said...

Yikes. They just keep getting smaller and smaller. Must I post more photos of Roscoe to remind you what a normal sized dog looks like?

Rachie-Babe said...

Oh my gosh! Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!

VE said...

Sammy has talent...I can't put my tongue on top of my nose...

Uncivil said...

You'll have to bring Diesel & Paco over for some fun. Maybe Diesel could give some swimming lessons!LOL!!!!

Oh, Susie want's to get in the mix? This is gettin' kinkier by the moment!LOL!


So it's all about size huh? I guess I just don't measure up:(

Thank you shug! Tell that to Jeanna!!!!!!!

Ya gotta work with what ya got sometimes!!! Maybe he's makin up for his size? Ya hear that Jeanna?????

Zoe said...

oh yeah baby, Diesel and Paco would have a good old time with these guys....i got a theory on teaching them to swim...i'll have to put up poor paco swimming...size??? omg ya mean it does matter?...

Jeanna said...

You're killing me here. Those little rats aren't much bigger than the Bubble Mania gum dispenser.

Uncivil said...

I love your Paco swimming post and the instructor is a living doll!

Shhhh! Don't say that around them! They're sensitive about their size!
I happen to like the "drop kick" breeds as you call them!!!!

Feathers said...

LOL, Uncivil....Susie is a real tramp when it comes to cute men!
She has this walk that no man can ignore...*snicker*

Jeanna said...

As long as the girls don't mind. Yeah, let's see a cow pic with Sonny. Or Sammy. Hey, is there really a difference? I think all the beer in my fridge right now (except for the Miller Lite which can rot for all I care––it belongs to my cousin who has been insisting she "hide" her beer in my apt...don't ask) has some kind of dog name like Lazy Mutt, Red Tick, etc., or the Spotted Cow idea would be a fun one.

Zoe said...

yeah Liv is a doll isn't she..tell ya what drag a raft behind your "yacht" and put Sammy and Sonny on it...they will be swimming in no time! tee hee!!

poppy-petunia said...

Jimmy your girls boyfriends are tooooo CUTE! and wont they make cool looking kids - especially abby and sammy - abbesams haha

C said...

Awwwwwwww! Nothing makes me happier than seeing adorable doggy photos! Well, there are some other things that make me happier, but that's not something we'll discuss here!

Those two are adorable! Jimbo, you're actually letting the girls have boyfriends? You strike me as the type of dad who would sit on the front porch with a shotgun if any boy ever came over to court his daughters!!! ;)

C said...

Hey, Jimbo!
Okay, this actually isn't a message for you. It's a message for Rowing and Sowing. I know you "introduced" us via e-mail a while ago, but I cleaned out my inbox and lost her addy.

R&S, I got so excited to see your last post about the black bear! Funny enough, MY last post was about a black bear on our property too!!!! Oh, and I want one of your puppies!!! Soooooooooooo cute!

P.S. Jimbo, even if this message isn't for you, I still luv ya!

Uncivil said...

Watch out....Jeanna will be insulting Sweet little Susie next!!!

I've been searching for Spotted Cows & Speckled Hens in the local beer isles with no luck.

You sure make pretty babies!!!
I'm scared I might lose the pups in the river and they would wind up gator bait.

I love putting a twist on Abigail's name. I call her Flabagail, and Abagator all the time.


Well....seeing as the girls are now old spinsters and they both have been fixed.......I guess it's OK to tease the boys a little. know I'm honored for you to leave "Rowing" a comment in my section anytime.
I'm gonna have to send her an email if I don't see a post from her soon?
Hey Row....You out there?
Probably busy as a bee. Plus all this hot weather we're having. She's probably busy keepin' the garden and flowers watered.

Feathers said...

Hahaha! Jeanna will insult Susie?? That is too funny! Susie don't care, she is still a little tramp! She likes boys..LOL!
Especially cute one's, I swear I can't control

Zoe said...

I heard a rumor!!!....someones pregos!!...I was just spreading the rumor!!!

Bella said...

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Jeanna said...

Good for Susie. I grew up with a Susie just like that.
I'm assuming you drink Mike's Hard Lemonade Yo Jimbo? Don't make a liar outta me now, son.

Uncivil said... you are makin' a liar outta me???

Jeanna said...

No Mike's Hard for you? Do I have to take down that last photo then?

Jeanna said...

Susie, btw, is A dorable.

Uncivil said...

You know what happens when you assume don't cha ?
Ya make an ass out of "U" & "ME"!!!!!
No Hard Lemonade for me! I'll feed it to the tadpoles.

Feathers said...

Thats sweet that you had a Susie too Jeanna, this is my second Susie..LOL!..The other was my Mom's dog and became mine when my Mom passed. She was also a weiner dog! They are such loving little doggies..:)

Jeanna said...

Hey Feathers, lol, I meant a rather loose neighbor and classmate named Susie. But my cousins had a 1/2 Chihuahua,1/2 wiener dog I absolutely loved (named Martini cuz that's how he rolled).
I think those tadpoles have been sucking down Lake Mendota E.Coli by the bottle, James Bo. They'd be better off with the Hard Mike's. And wouldn't we all?

Feathers said...

LOL Jeanna, A neighbor huh? That is too funny!
I bet the half Chihuahua and half weiner was really cute!
Did somebody say Mikes hard lemonade?? Those things are pretty good! In moderation of course..*cough* *cough*

C said...

Just popping by to say have a super weekend!!!

Rowing and Sowing said...

That's what I call some mighty fine looking boyfriends for the gals. You're supervising all dates, right? hehehe - great to see ya!

Ms. Mamma said...

Cute boys, very cute! Hope the girls don't sprain themselves trying to keep up! XO

Matt said...

It's always fun to watch how dogs interact with each other. Enjoy.