Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For all the times I showed my ass!

Tommy Got No Fingers


Uncivil said...

These two pictures are the front and back of a T Shirt I bought while on vacation in Cancun back in 99!
Brings back a lot of good memories as well as some I'd like to forget.

Like when I screamed at some child while exiting the plane.

I had listen to the little buggar scream and cry all the way from Miami to RDU.

His dad made the mistake of holding him at the door while I was exiting the plane.

I just wanted to see if I could make him cry one more time? I did!

The pilot got upset and called security on me. I told Miss civil to grab our bags and meet me at the car. She was not happy or impressed!

Remember the old Hertz Rental car commercials? O.J. Simpson appeared in several ads for years. In one spot he leapt over counters running through the airport terminal while some woman yelled, "Go O.J. Go!"

That was me on that particular night, running like hell through the airport, but no one was yelling "run redneck run"!

Uncivil said...

I escaped, but Miss Civil threatened to leave me in the parking lot!
I'll never forget that little excursion! She was yelling at me to take my shirt off when she got to the car with our bags.
Because security was looking for a guy with a Tommy Hilfiger shirt on?

jan said...

Love it, love it.


Uncivil said...

It's my one and only? I wish I would have bought a case of them! I've never seen one since? Haven't even been able to find anything on google?

Jeanna said...

So how many times have you shown your ass?

Glamourpuss said...

You want us to bite your arse?

How novel.


Uncivil said...

I couldn't tell you how many times I've let my temper get the best of me, but I guarantee Miss civil has every case documented during the time we were together.
I think she had it plotted on a graph or something?
She said May was my worst month?


Well, since you put it that way......I would like to be buried face down when I the whole world can kiss my arse!

VE said...

I was there in 88. I had a much different experience...Hurrican Gilbert. 177mph winds. Wiped the place out. I was on Nightline and three local news shows. It was the second hurricane I was in (but not the last) and I don't even live in a hurricane locale.

Fun T Shirts, by-the-way.

Curiosity Killer said...

I want a psycho chihuahua as my bodyguard from now on.

You should make me shirt like that. I'll totally bad ass.

Jeanna said...

If you were Irish I'd have the perfect song and t-shirt for your ass.

Uncivil said...

We went down right after hurricane Floyd hit the NC coast in Sept. 99.

I need to learn how to make a shirt like that first?

Let's pretend I'm Irish? Send me a song and a shirt!

J at said...

I hate when my temper gets the best of me and I blow it like that. Esp with kids, since you feel even more like crap after. Sigh. I do love that shirt, though!

Uncivil said...

Thanks. I check your blog every day for updates on your mom. I'm wishing you all the best.

Jeanna said...

The song is Kiss My Irish Ass by Great Big Sea, and the t-shirt is any of the hundreds floating about that say the same thing.

Jeanna said...

Here's a YouTube link to the song:
Not an anime fan, but it streams faster. The other Black Donnelly links are better videos, but the song's the thing.
It was originally written and recorded by Frank Mackey.

Uncivil said...

That would be good St. Patrick's Day blog fodder! Thank ya dear!

Jeanna said...

Might be a better post for you, you tub of yoghurt.

Jeanna said...

P.S. That's a reference to an Aussie/Redneck joke I'm wondering if I shouldn't have posted.

Uncivil said...

I resemble that!

C said...

Cute shirt! I was actually laughing more at the thread of comments on here! The comments are hilarious! ;)

Therese said...

"run redneck run"

I love the story! Cute shirt, too!

Thanks for the well wishes for Archie. He's going to be fine :) He's finally collar free!

Uncivil said...

That's good to hear about Archie. He looked so sad with that neck brace/collar on:(

Steph said...

That is a cool shirt!

kim said...

Awesome shirt - and thanks for the well-wishes on the foot. I love the story that unfolded on the comments...sounds like the last time I was in Mexico...

Uncivil said...

That was some serious foot surgery! You didn't have a temper tantrum in Mexico did ya?
I was lucky I was state side, and pre 9/11!

Diesel said...

Happy Inappropriate Card Day, Uncivil!

Uncivil said...

Get well soon. I hope the lobotomy works for ya!