Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm back! It's been a while since I've been motivated enough to post anything. Or maybe I just found a life away from this friggin computer? Te He He!

Someone sent me some Old Bluejacket's Patriotic & Nostalgic Flash Movies and I thought I would share them.

Hopefully it's enough to make you proud to be an American. I enjoyed every single flash movie in the line up and hope you do too! I try to stay away from political views on my blog, so if you don't enjoy portions of it, then just keep it to yourself.

Freedom isn't free, and our forefathers have paid the ultimate price for it. I hope we have the guts to keep it that way!

Yippy Kye Yay


Therese said...

Those were fun! I just spent a while down memory lane. lol Your one comment confused me though - "life away from this friggin computer" - is there such a thing? ;)

Uncivil said...

Thanks Therese. Enjoyed your last two posts on your blog!

I have to make myself stay away from the computer from time to time or my ass will grow to this seat!LOL