Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten

Watch this video first

My Ex-Wife sent me that video clip! I guess she was reminiscing our self defense classes we took back in the early 90's ?

I'm definitely not living up to my redneck reputation because I didn't know who in the hell Bas Rutten was? But I loved his instructional video and he is quite the colorful commentator. He makes kicking someone's ass look like so much fun!LOL

I really need to study up on these moves, as I find myself in some pretty seedy Pool Halls from time to time.

I have one move that Bas failed to mention. It worked for me and is the quickest end to a fight I've ever had. I simply grabbed my victim by the gonads and the throat at the same time. He practically jumped 3 feet vertical. I didn't even have to lift him. I simply inverted him on the way down. His hands were still clutching his privates, and he didn't even see the sidewalk that was rushing up to meet his face!

I Googled Bas and Wikipediated him for all the best info!

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