Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth

Ha, it's my blog and I'll edit if me want's too!!!!
The first clip was "The Good" this next clip is "The Bad & The Ugly"

The Obama Deception


Uncivil said...

Yep, my way of celabratin' the Fourth!!!!!!

It will be "Good" ( Huckabee, Palin)
When the "Bad" ( Obama, Biden, Frank )
& the "Ugly" ( Pelosi, Clinton)
Aren't breating air any more!!!!!!

Miss Piggy said...

Man, I can't believe you put this boring music on here. Why didn't you put the movie version on here? Oh I get it, nobody will be breathing after listening to this. lol

Uncivil said...

Miss Piggy
You have no taste for music:(
"Boring"? Where have I heard that line before?
I am what I am!!!!LOL!!!
But, I'm well known at Hooters!!!!

jan said...

I love them. Good choice. May your fireworks be loud and bright and your wishes come true.

Jeanna said...

I love it, good stuff. Maybe because I played a string instrument.
Ohwa ohwa ohwa!
You can't deny how good that sounds.
Palin is finished.
Happy Fourth!

Uncivil said...

I have loved that song since I was 11 years old when it became a hit in 1968.
My old friend Dean Ripa introduced it to me!

Miss Piggy said...

It does get you said. If you want my attention, you better get it at the beginning or else I'm gonna root on out of here. The movie version is still better.

J at said...

I couldn't listen to the whole Obama deception thing. Short attention span perhaps? I don't agree with the conspiracy angle that I saw (pyramid, trying to nationalize our country, martial law, etc.) - big shock, right? But I will say that Obama isn't nearly as progressive or daring as what we need right now. The special interests have him just as firmly as they seem to have everyone else. McCain and Palin liked to make it sound like they wouldn't be in those same pockets, but I didn't believe them any more than any of the others. That, in my mind, is what is deeply wrong with our country, and why health care reform won't be made in a meaningful manner, why our economy still sucks, and why as soon as things turn around, we will all get collective amnesia and forget how we got here...until the same bad policies put us here again.

I wish we had the nerve, as a country, to elect Kucinich, or someone like him, who will really stand up for what he believes. Not that congress would stand for that, though.

Thanks for that awesome version of the song, btw. I can't believe they were doing all of those sounds with their mouths. Excellent. Loved that movie as a kid. My mom had a huge crush on Clint.

Uncivil said...

I don't expect many folks to watch it. It's 1 hour and 53 minutes long!!
The film is not really about Obama per se.
It's about the powers with money who have controlled our modern era presidents. Like the Bilderburg Group and the quest for one world government and how they are using the fresh face of Obama to slip their agendas past us right in front of our nose.

Here's a link to a recap on it.

Yes, I don't know any women who dont like Clint Eastwood, in fact...I don't know anyone who doesn't like Clint!

J at said...

Will I gain street cred if I tell you Ted's mom was an extra in Magnum Force, and she and Clint dated shortly? I don't know if that means more than holding hands and such on set, but I like to tease Ted that Clint could have been his step-daddy. :)

Uncivil said...

Yes you have mucho street cred now!!!LOL
I dated a gal in the early 80's who dated Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was here filming Raw Deal in Wilmington!
How's my street cred?
I think they did more than hold hands!!!!!LOL!!!!

Uncivil said... a matter of fact.....she was the gal that I dedicated my Alka-Seltzer post too!!!!!!LOL

C said...

Happy 4th...a few days late! :) Hope you had lotsa fireworks, like that Hot Ash, Jeanna! ;)

LOL! Oh, Jimmy! The first video cracked me up. Wasn't expecting that from you! Then again, perhaps I should have expected that from you! ;)

C said...

I guess I should say that it cracked me up because I played the ukelele in high school. LOL! I was pissed that I didn't get a cool instrument to play! I ended up liking the ukelele in the end though. LOL! I sound like the biggest geek, eh?

Uncivil said...

At least you played an instrument in highschool! There's nothing wrong with the ukelele. Tiny Tim and those Brits seemed to have done well with it?
Geeks are in now days baby!!!
Yep, I've got to head over to your blog and Miss hot ash's blog to catch up on the latest!!!!

VE said...

Well if that is the good then I should be getting my Obama stimulus ukelele in the mail any day now...

Uncivil said...

Only you could come up with that one!!!!
Damn good one!!!!!!