Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chelsea Handler.......handled by Gene Simmons!?!
Chelsea Lately: Gene Simmons

Post edit!
Haha! I love Chelsea.....going through the "YouTube" archives and finding more great interviews! I'm going to be editing this post with my favorite clips of her for a while! Enjoy!

More editing. Chelsea gets dog whispered?

Chelsea & Trace

You know Hugh? Hugh Damn right!


J at said...

HA! I loved her face. That tongue thing was just foul.

Uncivil said...

I have watched this clip too many times to count and it cracks me up every time!
I just adore Chelsea Handler. She is so "YouTube" worthy!

Shannon said...

I dare say he made her a little uncomfortable. She's a pretty tough gal, too!

Uncivil said...

Her expression was priceless! I think she handled it well. Gene can be pretty foul, but he's really a genius at marketing himself.

Jeanna said...

Watching the last one first. I think I've seen her before, and she's funny, but she didn't know Hank Baskett. Wait a minute, neither do you.
Did the other one use the expression "Random ass 'hos?"

Uncivil said...

Right on! I don't have a clue who Hank Baskett is, but little Miss Kendra is engaged to him.

Haha...Poor little Kindra doesn't have a "Random ass" brain in her head! But boy does she more than make up for it in other areas!

Now tell me about the Gene Simmons clip!
I wiki'ed him!

Go to the bottom of the page and listen to his interview with Terry Cross on "Fresh Air" parts 1 through 4!
I swear the man has big balls too!!!LOL!!!!
Nobody can take away his "mancard"?

Chelsea Handler could make me beg like a baby!

Jeanna said...

I'm on deadline and the Steelers are playing, son. Later.


one word for gene simmons - GROSS

loved the illegal alien one -

great clips jimmy, chelsea is a riot - ill be back !

Shannon said...

I love the Girls Next Door. They are just so opposite 'my life', I can't take my attention away ;)